Wedding gifts turn into opportunities for U of T students

Couple forgoes wedding gifts for donations to a scholarship that honours family role models.

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Murray Koffler

Visionary philanthropist and U of T alumnus Murray Bernard Koffler passed away on November 5. He leaves behind an enduring legacy as one of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs and humanitarians.

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Explore our top priorities in research, teaching and student life and learning

New College

International Experience Fund

Giving students a global perspective through active cultural, language and academic exchanges.

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The Landmark Project


Stunning new gardens will ring King’s College Circle, creating abundant opportunities for students to study, relax and enjoy the outdoors. Help us beautify and revitalize our campus through a gift that will be recognized through naming one of the new gardens in the University’s historic core.

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Fraser Mustard Institute of Human Development

Student support

Student support helps ensure that we attract students who have the greatest potential to contribute to our community of scholars.

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